voted l.a’s best dispensary
— 2016 & 2017 la weekly

The Rose Collective Story

After the historic passage of Senate Bill 420, California citizens rushed to organize collectives to serve the growing medical marijuana industry. Rose Collective, under a different operating name,  opened its doors in 2007 as the premier co-op in Los Angeles with a focus on the healing herbal effects. The founder was a registered pharmacist that strongly maintained the spirit of Prop 215, in which cannabis should be regulated as an herbal remedy, not as a controlled substance.  The collective became well known within the Los Angeles community by adding value to alternative medicine with a professional, well-maintained, and ordinance abiding store-front. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2013, the collective closed it’s doors on Abbot Kinney in order to comply with the city’s new Prop D regulations. A year later a new location that fit the city’s regulations was secured and re-opened as The Rose Collective. The Venice and surrounding communities have embraced our new and improved lay-out and outreach programs. We strive to provide our patients with the latest and greatest in cannabis culture. Many of our products are award winning cup holders with High Times Cannabis Cup and the Emerald Cup. Rose Collective is a Pre-ICO and Prop D Compliant Collective with a great local reputation.  With a presence in the local “Women’s Grow” Chapter, Hitman Coffee events, and as one of Weedmap’s top rated collectives serving the Santa Monica area, we aim to become the best collective in West Los Angeles. 





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Rewards — As a member of Rose Collective you are automatically enrolled in our 420 program. For every $420 spent before tax, you receive $30 store credit. The credit never expires and can not be combines with other offers.



  • Heavy Hitters- Wednesday 6/20 5pm-7pm

  • Flow Kana- Thursday 6/21 (time TBD)

  • Papa and Barkley- Friday 6/22 NOON-3pm

  • Edipure- Friday 6/22 3pm-6pm (buy one get one for a $1)

  • Dosist -Tuesday 6/28 3pm-7pm

  • 3 Leaf- Thursday 6/28 4pm-7pm (Buy one get one for $1)

  • Dompen- Friday 6/29 5pm-7pm (buy one get one for a $1, first 15 buyers)





Our mission

The Rose Collective aspires to provide our patients with the finest cannabis products in California. We accomplish this by scouting for the upper echelon of growers and producers. It is our goal to bring the best flowers, edibles, and concentrates in the market to our patients. Our knowledgeable staff has a genuine love and passion for every single product on the shelf.  We set out to educate and celebrate this healing plant. It’s time we stop apologizing for an industry that helps hundreds of thousands of medicinal patients. This collective strives to create a unique “marijuana experience” where patients are encouraged to explore all aspects of cannabis. We want patients to walk out thinking, “I never knew marijuana could do all that.” It doesn’t just stop at cannabis either, we carry innovative products like ice cream, tinctures, concentrates and drinks. Every month we have “Demo Days” in which patients can gather literature and sample new inventory from the provider themselves.  



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